About This Blog

This is a blog featuring all sorts of underrated and underappreciated movies (mostly 90s to now). Every entry will feature a large image of the movie poster, and a brief summary below it. Occasionally I’ll post trailers (1. if they don’t give too much away, about the film.. a lot of trailers seem to do that, and 2. if they’re good-enough quality. I hate low-quality trailers and a lot of movies pre-2004 have horrible-looking trailers on YouTube).

Just to give you a small idea of the stuff I’ll be featuring here…. directors like Edward Burns, Rodrigo Garcia, Hal Hartley (ooh, especially Hal Hartley… the man!), Cameron Crowe, Woody Allen, Richard Linklater, and much much more…… movies such as The Station Agent, In America, Pieces of April, The Butterfly Effect, Taxi Driver, Elizabethtown, American History X, Detachment, Melvin Goes To Dinner, and many more….

Thanks for checking out the blog…


Ever yours in the continued discovery of great music, movies, and books,
Chris Caulder




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